I don’t want to say nice words in your funeral
I want to say them to you now.
You took care of our family
sometimes I’m not sure how.
If i admired you growing up
now being on your shoes, on your honor I take a bow.
Sometimes you taught me quietly
while others your voice clear and loud,
you always pushed us to be better
even on adversity to stand tall and proud.

Sick on the bed you would look up at us and smile
Always trying to keep us happy,
Even if happiness was just for a while.
Memories flow endlessly of our time together
running, walking, playing, studying, always going the extra mile
doing your best effort to get the best for us
so we walk through life in style.

Roses smell pretty
the songs of birds sound best
I love you, to have you in my life means I’m blessed
know I’ll try my best to live your teachings
take this words with you when you rest.
When to the kingdom of heaven you find your way
your teachings, love and memory,
with me until the end will stay.

©2014 Jahaziel E Magana

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