Hearing the vows or the comments of guests and bride and groom talk about how important they are for each other is so inspiring and dreamy. It has come to show me that some couples are able to stay in love after many years, make each day better and always put a smile in each other no matter the situation. Covering the wedding of Sergio and Maria, I noticed how he would refer to her as her #1, and his expression and attention to her. Their artistic vision also made their portrait a lot better than I could have done on my own. Thank you to both of them and hope love continues to flow and lead their life.

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My #1

I look at you and I believe…
in a greater power from above
a power that guided our paths
I believe in the truth of our love
a love that can last forever
I believe in the strength of your kisses
kisses that with any problem help me cope.

What I first met you
though you were too young hun,
I knew in time
you’d be my number One.

Today we exchanged vows
today we both say ‘I do’
My number 1 you are
#1, forever I’ll love you.

Copyright ©2014 Jahaziel E Magana

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