Dear Mother, how could I start?
So much I could thank you,
but mostly for being so smart,
for knowing how to cheer me,
when to advice and how to teach me.
I want to tell you,
you have nothing to worry,
I’ll make it in life,
I’m not in a hurry,
just know I will make it.
Perhaps life isn’t so easy
as you once made it seem.
I have my kid
to dry my tears like I once did.
We have shared so many laughs
so many stories and tears,
I know you taught me as good as you could
sorry if I didn’t listen and you pulled my ears.
Of all my brothers
I’ve been the worse,
perhaps on school,
but not writing a verse.
Life isn’t fair and I know I could lose you,
could be tomorrow or ten years from now.
I want to show you I care
although, I’m not sure how.

I know you like poetry,
so maybe a poem will do.
Mother, if you could get in my thoughts
to know I really love you.
You taught me to fight and purse my dreams,
now I know it’s not so easy as it seems,
I keep trying to show you, to prove I can make it.
I know I can conquer the whole world
and won’t be a puppet, no one will hurt me again,
mother don’t worry, you have taught me great.
Life is not easy, and it has beat me hard,
on an accident I almost died,
never thought I’d hurt you,
much less make you cry.
I hear my son’s little sound
I feel what you felt with me,
and no matter how hard I hit the ground,
I will stand up and fight again,
as hard as you did.
Just like you were the best mother,
I know I can teach my son,
so I too, become the best father.
Mother, don’t worry and please don’t cry
I will make it in this world, I’ll prove it
I’ll show you, before your time to die.
I’ll pray it’s far from now that day,
for I still have to thank you,
for guiding my way.

Mother I know I’ve made you suffer,
and you’ve cried way more than once.
If I forgot those days when you woke at night
to make sure I was warm,
to run to my aid when I was scared, or felt down.
If I seem to forget those days I’d see you cry
cause my dad or somebody hurt you.
Mother, I’m sorry. I never meant to bring you pain
if you’ve only cared for me,
giving me warm food on cold days of rain,
if you’ve always helped me get over my fears,
you’ve always been there to dry off my tears.
Mother I love you.
For inventing stories so I could sleep
for inventing meal so I could eat
for working so hard
so we could have a roof.
I really don’t need any more proof
to say you’re the best mother god could give me.
Thank you mother. I Love you

Copyright ©2007 Jahaziel E Magana
From my poetry Book “Painful Tears”

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