It’s been couple years now since I first saw the first studio work, its flow and the results by this one amazing, well knows photographer: Zack Arias. I believe it was somewhere in YouTube I manage to land a video of him and after a quick Google search I landed on a short clip of him that struck me. His short clip name is Transform; though it was originally made for Scott Kelby. I saw that video and it struck more more of a “that’s how I feel or think” instead of the usual, “wow, that photographer is great, I wish I could be like that.” Even though, I did wish I could create something as amazing as he did and has. Having seen some videos of him and then that short film made me see photography more as “myself” and because of him I am in search of my own style, not trying to copy someone else. Inspired on his work I’ve been trying to improve my studio photography. I wonder if he was to see my work, what advice I would get to improve my photography style…

Couple studio portrait close up

Couple studio Portrait

Couple studio full body

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