After meeting Nea at the Stockton Fashion Week, and taking some pictures at the first Casting and Practice, now we got more modeling shots. I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures for extra promotion on Instagram. Nea who’s also building her portfolio and getting her modeling career started was very easy and pleasant to work with. She wanted to increase her experience with more modeling. Also, she had liked my picture style.

The purpose of our shoot was to get one to three shots I could use for Instagram. Although my approach to the studio sessions has been to get a total of 12 images. This allows me to create some specific pattern on my Instagram. When I opted to convert my Instagram from a personal account to business couple months ago. I also chose the layout I am trying to accomplish with my sets. Although, it takes a little extra time to imagine what the end result will be. Until I get into the habit of doing specific poses or a specific look, I continue to experiment with the options to find my own voice.

I started with the black background as shooting like that allows me to only focus the light on my model/subject. For the most part, I think I have two different approaches to my photo sessions. One of them is to just focus on the subject’s main light. This allows me to sort of warm up myself as well as my model. Once we both are in the zone, we move forward to more modeling where we can play with the lights or the pose itself.

Here are my favorite shots from our photo session, you can find these shots also on my instagram account. If you would like to work with Nea or follow her journey you can always follow her on Instagram @_princessnea

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