What Ken Says: (Ken’s Twitter)

I mistook a pot of gold for a piece of shit
I misread your perfect smile for a love I’ll never get
I fucked up again, couldn’t read between the lines
felt face first again, but I guess that it’s all right
I’m so lost I can’t tell apart the lies and the truth
but its a beautiful pain to hurt myself just to be with you
I got the wind on my face, and alcohol on my veins
paradise is just a thread apart but it feels so far away.


This is what I say…

So much to say, the text message arrives in sections
a conversation so long the phone signal is lost
So many personalities a tv series I could host
so many misunderstandings losing you has been the cost.
Do I blame me, myself, or I for all this suffering?
regardless of everything, leaving you my mind never crossed
You got to see some of us, we were so great you felt in love
you said it was true love, thus why only five minutes can last.

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