There are many times where I sit on the floor on my living-room or lay down listening to some meditation music and just think about life and what life is…

Many times this ends up being a reminder of the wrong choices I have done and the wrong friendships I made or ended. Other times ends up being inspiring, forgiving and overall a good practice that I feel people should really do often.

This last time I sat down I decided to make it a little more interesting by adding some of the footage I’ve captured while I’m out and about. With the end result I wanted to use it as an introduction to my YouTube channel. I began the process by organizing some of my favorite clips. After I sat down and thought about what it all means to me. I thought doing the same process as when I’ve write poetry would work good. Although, I felt a little unease since I hadn’t written anything ‘poetic’ since It is a torment. I ended up writing and creating the following:

Life is about finding adventure, exploring and enjoying our world.
Creating memories that will last a lifetime, dealing with the obstacles we are presented spontaneously and unexpectedly. Life is about adjusting to those moments that shake our lives, collapse what we know and force us to become someone better. To not let fear hold us back, to take a leap of faith and trust everything will be all right. To find the strength within us so if we fall seven times we stand up eight. Life is the journey we can capture with our cameras and save the memories we created to define what our journey is really all about.

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