I got your letter about a month ago,
for a moment, I felt full of fear,
the memories we lived rushed to my mind
your kisses and voice so sweet my dear.

Then I felt the anger,
for I can’t be next to you
I dreamed of love and happiness
I fell in despair and my chance blew.

I always saw you as a goddess,
my pen would write poems and sonnets of love
I would admire your beauty when you slept,
think you’re a gift to the earth from above.

Took me a moment to know you,
much less than that to dream of a life by your side
I never wanted to get married,
but I wished you could be my bride,
I tried to be better for you,
I tried to not let my dreams collide
for a life with you, I thought I could decide
but destiny came to teach me…
Destiny, my dreams had denied

©2019 Jahaziel E. Magana

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