Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

I’m too fat, i’m too skinny, i’m too dark, i’m too pale
Am I worth it? Am I cool? Can I pass? Will I fail?
I see my own reflection and I just can’t stand the sight
I know that life’s a battle, but i’m giving up in this fight

These insecurities around me are like imaginary walls
That I put up myself, because I love the way I fall
With no regard to beauty, I just hate myself
This cage of insecurity is my private little hell



Mr Magoo’s Verse (That’s me) šŸ˜€

I am he you wish you could be, I talk to those you can’t even see
I am your wishing start at night, and I make your day bright.
I make the seeds grow, rain clouds, here and there I blow,
If you knew what I know, and saw the world move this slow.
Your fears would disappear, I am sure of that my dear.
I don’t worry about dying, I neverĀ fail on what I’m trying
If I put my mind to it, you can see the benefit…
Everything I am and have, you lack. And now, there is not going back.

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