It’s been close to two years now since I had a life changing event, leading me to who and where I am today. I have tried to focus on self growth, in both my ideology and believes to try and create a better life for myself and my family.

My world has expanded, I’ve seen myself and the world in a better life. Fear is something that has always stopped most people including myself, not only in getting what we desire the most, but even on parting ways from someone, or something that causes you distress.

For as long as I can remember I thought I had to pick something in life and just that one thing, either I had to write, take pictures, or design. Truth is even if I am designing, I need to write and use pictures in my designs, so it’s all part of the same creative bubble, I don’t have to constrain who I am with one label. Much like certain believes, it is okay to be a photographer who designs, or a designer who takes pictures. Even my favorite artist besides singing also acts, and enjoys an entrepreneurial life

It takes a lot of courage to accept who you are and to fight for and follow your dreams. Whatever they might be, no matter the cost. As I continue to grow and challenge myself to be better. To put myself in front of the world and say ‘I am a photographer, and I do graphic and web design’

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