Jahaziel’s Verses

I thought I had you next to me,
I thought you were all I could be
you came to me bearing glory,
You came to me offering to what you knew I would certainly agree.
after he had ignore my cries and my plea,
so come now, claim your trainee
lets ride together, to get her, here’s the key
till the end of time,  we are one. You’ll see


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Like a fairy godmother in every fairy tale
in the movies its always cutesy but in real life it never ends well
So come trick me to wanting hell
but promise me that you won’t tell
Anybody, especially mama, the trauma,
I could hear her start to yell

I’m sorry i’m not the perfect son
I’m failing and my life’s just begun
Nobody can help, deep inside i’m so ugly
I’m living a lie, but I try, thinking that I was the one

These fucking illusions all now control me
like the strings on a puppet i’m their one and only
Pinocchio dancing for the show
When I can be myself again, I’ll never know


JEM’s Verses

Call me a master of disguise, call me a supreme overlord
See my path full of glory, success and power.
I see your reign ending, I see your card is the tower
I can see my and your future, and you can’t live without me
For is me who gave you knowledge, and from that Jail’s garden set you free.
You were just like her, so eager to eat from the knowledge tree.
so now don’t tell me you don’t want all this to be.
I light up your darkness when you’re out sailing the sea
I am your fallen star, who immortality had guarantee.

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