Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Once upon a time
I was hooked on a high
called, the Devil’s Little Lie
Coz it was such a plain type of pain
that resonated with me inside

I’m still trying to figure out who the fuck I am
my purpose, my calling, and what the fuck I am
So don’t you fucking say that you understand me exactly
when I still haven’t figured out what it means to be me

Who I once was I will never have back
Who I’ll be someday I guess I’ll never know
so until then I’ll just look in the mirror, knowing it never gets clearer
and sit still as the days go.



Jahaziel’s Verses

If I say I am the universe
it sounds like Insanity.
If I say I am god
you questions my alliance to humanity.

If I claim to be a mystery,
you will claim I know not fidelity,
If I talk of love,
you bring scarcity
When I say humble
you say Vanity.

If you know say you know better
then tell me.
What is my identity?

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