If you have someone you love dealing with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or you are one of the lucky ones to experience it first hand. As I’ve been keeping track of my life changes and personalities with a journal, I’ve come to the realization there are some basic things you must know about how to deal with life.

Let’s start by educating those who are not familiar with DID, and how it affects your being. If we start with the word Dissociation (dissociative) it describes the disconnection or lack of connection between things that are usually associated with each other as can be  consciousness, memory, identity, or perception of life and your surroundings.
What this means is one might not show the emotional response people might expect, kind of like being numb emotionally at times. I’ve noticed that important moments of my life, the day things were happening I was oblivious to it, but thinking back to it, I can now say, that was such a nice day. Wish I could have smiled more, or spent more time with my friends. There have been days and I think my poetry is witness to it… the suddenly, unbearably sadness that appears without an specific reason, but after I write the poem or just as sudden as it appears, the sadness leaves in much the same manner as it came. The suddenly mysterious part of my life. 😀

As I’ve come to learn there are times I love life and photography and times I hate them both, there are months I can be all about designing to later not be able to create a design or even know how to. I can write for days a novel and poetry and all of a sudden those words vanish and transform into something else. If all this could be something that I could control I think life would be pretty sweet. Unfortunately I have been in the middle of creating a design and something happens in my persona that I lose that ability and vision of a designer. I can try to get back there and sometimes I manage to do it, but other times I have to complete what I’m doing with whatever means I have left. If I have to spend some extra hours searching on how to do stuff, then that is what needs to be done.


Like any other problem or even life itself, it takes time to understand and learn to deal how to best handle your situation. As a loving family member or spouse, friend. It’s always important to not judge, discriminate, or make up assumptions on someone who has to live with DID. We all need love and support.

A good site to visit: www.isst-d.org/

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