Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Im always leaving against my will always gone away
even though I beg from the bottom of my soul, i can never stay
Im like a ghost here and there with no permanent home
so being unsettled and lonely is all I’ve ever known

Maybe someday I might be able to stay
maybe you’ll be able to look at me and ill be here when you look my way
maybe for now its just a personal guilty dream
but i want it more than you’ll ever know a place for you and me

You can cry and not believe a single word i say
Its up to you but promise me you’ll wipe those tears someday
this is not a lie i truly want a place to call our own
we’ll lay down together in our bed forever in a place we call our home.

This Piggy went Home

Jahaziel’s Verses

Perhaps is my own fault for only knowing this place
perhaps I was too afraid to search something better
It didn’t matter how many times they hit and hurt me
it didn’t matter how many times she read my journal and letter.

Perhaps like a good slave I was trained to follow orders
like a good slave I was trained to not raise my own voice
like a good slave I’ve lived my life following their rules and system
like a slave I live, thinking what I do is my duty, not my choice.

I am that slave who got tired of the treatment,
I am that one slave who started the demise of Rome
I am trying to change this system not for my masters
I am trying to be a free slave, so I can call this world home.


JEM’s verses

Call me a crow, an opportunist, call me a vulture
I saw an easy meal and I couldn’t let it pass by
If I was a junkie, would I miss the chance to get high?
Don’t blame religion or politics, blame your own culture.

Let’s all point our fingers at nature, let’s all blame god
who wants us all to be equal yet he made us not the same, just alike
there are some weak and some strong,
Some believers and some who all this dislike,
Some were built by love and feathers, others by spears and despite
so they saw my power, and opted to search my light
I shared with them my knowledge, the weak became my knight
we now stand together, and for this place we call home. We fight.

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