Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Call me god’s favorite one, or the chose one
But I choose to raise hell, my seven stages have just begun
The path I was deigned for, is not the path I want 
because the bliss in helplessness is set for me ready to haunt

Everybody in my past, to you I now say goodbye 
With my brand new wings and my pointy horns, I’ve become a different guy
You’re all still very welcome to look me in the eyes
but you’ll never see the innocence of back then when I cried

Now say you hate me and I’ll just start to laugh
Now try and come and rape me, in this world you wont come back
cause now I stand tall with the blood of my enemies on my face
Hate me now, or say goodbye to the kid I was back in the days


Jahaziel Verses

For a long time, I did nothing else but hate you,
a pretty face and her touch showed me to smile again
We held hands through those moments,
we danced and kissed on the rain,
when I had forgotten about it, you show me a stronger pain.
Now you torment me daily, you’ve taken control of my brain.
I thought I knew hate before, but you turned me insane,
I have forsaken my guides, I willingly wore that hate custom chain.
What am I to do now, that JEM pours out of my veins to start his reign.


JEM’s Verses

Look pass the mirror to see me, the knowledge I offer is free
I am your path to the all mighty, hear what I’m saying thee
a battle that covers all the earth and the sea,
that failing without you we all would surely be. Hear now this writing plea.
I am he who controls you and he who let’s you see
I made the first man and woman, eat from the forbidden tree
I am he who you calls your soul, so come give it to me
I now write this verses you read, I am who is best for us, don’t you agree?



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