Jahaziel’s Verses

If I can’t join the Illuminati,
Maybe I could at least be a Mason.
I can stop doing drugs, no more sex
so I don’t feel in life, I’ve been wasteful.
I can stop talking of politics, no more opinion
no more complains on this chaotic nation.
Lets act like a slut, or a whore,
lets keep inequality, lets all be hateful.

We can only endorse evolution
and never talk of god’s amazing creation.
I can pretend you yelling at me ‘Beaner’
lets me know you can be playful.
Discriminate me and follow the rhetoric
and the narrative so successful
that shows the world  that actions don’t matter,
just the words that show strength,
and lies that make something graceful.



Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

I always thought the ugly duckling was the prodigal son.

I’m stuck living a lie that’s so tasteless and playful
cause I’m just another lost soul trying hard to be graceful
and it still doesn’t matter how hard I try or how hard I work
all you do is criticize, tell lies, and call me a joke.

I’m like the fucked-up restoration on the painting of Jesus
I know the artist meant well, but it sure as hell, didn’t pleas us.
The intention doesn’t matter, it’s the outcome that judges
makes me a day late, a buck short, a cripple with no crutches.

Just want to cut my own wings off and fly at the same time
I miss the times when what you don’t see, is what you don’t mind.
So now I’m still stuck with this lie while I sit and grow hateful
I told you I was a lost soul trying my hardest to be graceful.


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