Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

How do I tell you girl, that you got me so hooked and all it took was one look
I’m having withdrawals like a former junkie, painful thoughts that haunt me, Its all set cause your flight is now booked
How many times will you get me to say, either im crazy or your laugh is as addictive as cocaine
Not have you is more an itch than a pain, like using a feather to tickle my fucking brain

I’m fucked up and neurotic and your kiss is the perfect toxic
I’m a hate-breading parasite come as you are cause you’re my antibiotic
I have to suppress all the guilt cause you go for the kill, I’m stuck in a coma but without you i’m ill
You love how I bleed and i love how you plead, I’m trapped in your cell but you’re chained to my feet

So this is how we go down…
Its a point where I cant breathe without you around
I hate to say it but I think i’m in love
Im sick as a maggot and you’re as beautiful as a dove


Jahaziel’s Verses

I stood with you and you abandoned me when I needed you the most
I accepted your failures, fears and thoughts, yet you thought mine were Gross.
While I deal now with your ghost, let me do the last line in your name as a toast,
you were miles from the slim figure post, but you were my happiness daily dose.

My sadness has turned into anger, and my anger now is pure rage
your bud can’t keep me forever on this love cage, my life is ending I’m of old age
yet I still have to deal with your memories, can’t seem to ever turn that page.
One to the three, three to the one, this is my last line
you won’t ever hear me whine because you stopped being mine
on the contrary all this I now decline, my life without you has turned just fine.
Let me give you one last sign that can crawl up your spine
I have 10 personalities with no memory of you, if one does I’ll kill it and make one new, cuz you are the worst, and the only thing in my life I wish I never knew.

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