From One Poet to Another

From one Poet to Another
I can truly say I will miss you
Your presence was that of a brother
many memories we created together
many others where I stood by your side
I will miss those angry poems
only you wrote so well to your future bride
of the love sacrifice you did
and your effort to put a side your pride
you knew she would one day cry
like you for her cried.

No poem could give your life justice
or express how good your life was
how talented you were
people at your success would applause.
I admired and envy you,
you lived life to its best.
Perhaps you were too valuable
god your path truly blessed
you were so important for him
that’s why now in eternity by his side you rest.

From one poet to another
like I, many more will miss you
you are one of the best friends
amazing, few good men and poet we knew.
Smile to us from heaven,
and keep us in god’s favorable view.

Copyright ©2014 Jahaziel E Magana

Martin Rios

A new angel in Heaven

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