I’ve never been so angry before
not even on my top TEEN years
I feel no love for you now
I brought your lies to the light
now I see them so clear.
Makes me sick knowing you called me honey,
and said I’m everything you hold deal.
I am mad at you,
and I don’t love you, you hear?
I could beat both of you,
right there or here.

I hate your lie
of you wanting to be with me forever.
Why would you say that
if breaking up with me is like ‘Whatever’.
Damn Selfish girl
whom no one knows if is a friend or foe,
maybe that old lady was right
the time she called you a slut dirty hoe.
I should have paid attention to the clues
so I don’t get hurt like that.
Now I regret accepting that invite
the first time you asked me to chat,
but I thought it was worth it
I didn’t mind giving it a shot
who would have known
you didn’t know what you’ve got.
Trying to fool and play me
till the moment you got caught.
There is nothing I can do
is too late for anything now
you are that one memory
Which I already forgot

©2019 Jahaziel E. Magana

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