So now that I am able to spend some time with my cousin who also happens to be a creative fellow we opted to do a quick test on our writing and rhyming skills. We talked over the rules, someone had to pick a subject or words to write about, two verses each, 4 lines per verse. Starting with something I never really wrote about before ‘wallets and dicks’ on the terms of dating someone who likes both of them big and thick… šŸ˜€

My Verses:

What is going on here
I don’t understand this chick
always judging the size of my wallet
always comparing the size of my dick.

I am broke and you know it
my wallet is not thick
is that why you comment
my dick and wallet get empty so quick?

Ken’s Verses (Ken’s twitter)

Bombshell Brooke blonde hair, big tits tripple D’s the kind you only see
on your tripple X pornos and your wildest dreams as a teen
loves her bread, loves her Prada, loves them guys with trees
Fuck Aladdin, the ginnie in the bottle is what she needs

L.O.V.E cant you see? it isnt found but bought
mamas wise words a a little girl she caught
“baby girl, live your world on your terms as you call it
but dont get on your knees for a man without a fat ass wallet”

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