Over the weekend I got the opportunity and privilege to cover the wedding for Yvonne and Chris who have yet again showed me that finding the right person to spend your life with is possible and true love is very real. They have been one of the youngest couples and yet seeing them together is very inspiring.
The toast is when you truly get to know the efforts they might have gone to be with each other as the best man and maid of honor along with the couple’s family share a toast in their love’s and hopeful future name.
As I heard those comments and stories and the emotion and happiness there were couple words that resonated from there and inspired me to write a poem for them as well.

Fairy Tale

As each year passes
I fall more and more in love with you.
Your white dress resembles the clouds
the sky matches your shoes so blue.
Since High School
to spend my life with you, I wanted and knew
that a day would come
when exchanging vows we’d say ‘I do’
I was willing to do anything for you
just to be part of your life
if you believed in fairy tales,
I could create one for you to be my wife.

Love is endless and free
and I’m very happy love pours out of you
every time you think and talk about me.
If I could have one wish
like this, forever we would be.
Not only have you been my greatest joy
we got to create one amazing boy
Thank you for helping me find
in this crazy world my way.
For loving me, all the memories
and this perfect, amazing day
with your beauty and happiness speechless I stay
with nothing else to say
“I Love You”

Copyright ©2014 Jahaziel E Magana

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