When is enough?
To say enough to the constant struggle you have to deal with to keep a promise to yourself, to a loved one, or just any promise you might have done…
Is it ever acceptable to break a promise? I remember when I started writing my book, I promised I would continue to write and would have enough material to make another one a year later… No need to say I was not able to keep that promise. Thinking back to those days, I can’t really recall any real reason that could have stopped me from keeping that promised to myself, or to my poetry. As I try to achieve something better… I don’t look back to try and hold what it was, but to learn of what I’ve lived and make sure I do better next time. I believe if I let myself down when I was in loved with Poetry… I will do everything I can to make sure I keep my passion for photography and creativity, if I’ve always tried my best and beyond to keep a promise to someone else. Why wouldn’t I deserve the same effort? In 5 years from now, I would love to have the opportunity to look back and not wonder why I stopped, but be able to see what has made me better in my journey in photography. I want to see the great things I’ve achieved, and how my passion for photography has not faded, but grown even stronger.
At this point in my life, I feel like taking photography from me would be devastating… I can’t imagine, or I should say… I don’t want to imagine me doing anything else with my life that doesn’t involve photography.

Broken Promise
Broken Promise

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