Engagement session done on the beach tends to always be a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to have my latest engagement session on the beach in a cloudy, semi cold day. The coldness made it slightly challenging but turns out is just as fun.

The clouds have always made a picture more interesting, they can be on the background or a way to have softer natural light. Personally having some dramatic clouds on the background and some strove light illuminating my subject is my favorite kind of picture style, such as the pictures I took recently of the Quinceañera. The light specially accompanied by a soft box or something to soften the light will give the subject that touch to make it standout from the background. The clouds on the background darkened gives that feeling of importance in my opinion, like one being greater than life, or enhanced by the world around us. Like a god-like feel to the picture.

This session we drove to Carmel, originally the plan was to stop at Point Lobos for the shots but when we arrived to the State Park. I got reminded they are now enforcing the picture taking law, which meant if I didn’t get a permit prior to me showing up, I can put myself at risk of getting a fine for quite a big sum of money. Of course there are specific rules you gotta follow and only in certain type of photography you need the permit, so if you happen to be curious as to what kind of work needs a permit, check out the CA parks and recs site.

Having the opportunity to walk around on the beach, while listening to the waves creates such a calming environment. Despite the cold air I feel we definitely got some fun pictures, and I will be printing on of these to show at the reception on the wedding day. Which I am looking forward to cover in March.

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