In Response to my Psycho Girl Challenge, Ken has decided it is better to talk about something more beautiful as a dream girl can be, so here is what he has to say about it…

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Down in reality’s mist I know you must exist. Ill cross every single desert known to man for a single kiss
And when our lips touch, I feel the purest rush like drinking out of the fountain of life still is’nt enough
I’m dazed, crazed, and phased in love in 10 different ways
In my mind, i’m in cloud nine whenever i see your face

Ill go to hell and back for you and tell you that i’m fine
Ill hide the pain i feel inside if that means I can make you mine

Maybe how i see the world just isn’t right
Maybe I convince myself that its still worth it to fight 
Maybe you’re just laughing at how my world twirls 
or just maybe you’re the devil my beautiful dream girl


JEM’s Verses (That’s me)

I see you when I close my eyes, the clouds spell it, and the wind whispers your name.
A memory of a love full of passion, faith, hope, and love’s true flame.
The shadows come to cloud my judgment with this fame game
in desperation I let my soul go, and I lost your sight, what a shame.

My face hurt and bleeding, my eye looks so blue,
I talk about our moments together, but no one remembers you,
I know now I am crazy, but what I felt I know was true
there was a moment where we existed as one, not two.
Oh my pretty panda, come eat this bamboo, play with it as before it grew,
Show me heaven looks exactly like I thought I knew
My dream girl, you’re in my view, and I’m coming to you.


Lego Girl

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