Seeing the result on the pictures I took from the Domo-La’Nee modeling set was very satisfactory. I got to help Domo-La’Nee do her freestyle video on the same time frame. Seeing all the cool pictures from our session was pretty awesome. I got to work more with the white and black background only instead of shooting outdoors. Getting more opportunities to create and practice what I love, while supporting a new artist feels fantastic.

I had heard the comment that is easy to create something beautiful when you have a good looking person in front of the lens. When you have good light in the equation then the beauty shines more. In the studio I have been trying still to work with video lights when I shoot on the black background. However, to make the white background I still use the strobes. My go-to Light is from Photoflex. My very first bigger light way back when I started photography was from Photoflex. Since 2011, whenever I use lights and modifiers have been from that brand.

On this session, for a little bit I felt extra confident and wanted to explore and do more with the lights. I ended the session on the white background by removing the background light and creating a gray effect which turned out to be my favorite photo. A full session normally has both backgrounds and two or up to three sets/change of clothes.

Taking this approach allows me to warm up with the first set, which usually starts with the black background. By the time we do the white background and the second set of clothes, we are more comfortable and in the photo mindset. Specially since my take is from a portrait stand rather than fashion, I constantly take a friendlier approach to make my clients feel at ease. From getting something for them to drink, to listening to their favorite artist or music style.

I believe your comfort level shows on the photos. Which makes it very important for me to create a peaceful studio area. You can find more about Domo on her instagram.
Here are my favorite 12 images as I’ve been posting from my Domo-La’Nee Modeling session on my Instagram.

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