J3M’s Verses (That’s Me)

Standing tall and proud I’ve challenge the will of god,
Can’t I be my own ruler, can’t I make my own choice?
Must you show your power with this divine intervention
must you put an end to my voice?

Nature pours its rain on me, my family disowned me
My wife left, my son despise me and I lost my home
you showed your might to the watchers, you saw Egypt Fall
you brought Greece down and crumbled Rome.
I’m just a mere peasant, yet you’ve put me in this dome
Either help me move on so I can catch my breath, or forsake me and let me enjoy death.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Are you telling me that I look like I could use some help?
How about you shut your mouth and just go fuck yourself?
You’ve always called me a low-life parasite disease
for that I’ve felt like an alien since the day I learned to breathe

It doesn’t matter what I say, or at all what to do
It’s all the fucking same with you I’ll always lose
I think I’ll take that help, I’ll take it now full proof
A divine intervention to get the fuck away from you

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