My Verses

I’ve seen it on Tv, heard it on the radio,
I’ve seen it happen in school, I have even lived it.
Words have the power to even your soul hit
those words follow that racist pig spit
I got a ticket, I got a bruise, I got a ‘humble’ police cruise.
I look like a beaner, a delinquent, someone addicted to booze
My titles didn’t matter, for I had on my arm some tattoos
my camera gets broken, my body gets a worse abuse.
I’m a US citizen, but papers can’t get rid of my look
Once I show and proof my papers, my color you still refuse,
If you’re not racist… What’s your excuse?


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Come look at me and tell me, what do you see?
I’ll tell you what you see, a stupid fucking half breed
Discriminate me, come and hate me
Project your hate against all my faith but this is how I will be

I’m a mix of rage and love and everything repulsive
You are my angel and everything compulsive
So it’s no mystery why they see me like a disease
I’m the freak show that you don’t know and won’t believe me

But in the end my enemies will all fall
Painful thoughts I once felt now have no effect at all
Discriminate me, segregate me and let’s see how it goes
But I swear I’ll come back vengeance, a wrath you’ll never know

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