Have you ever held back or didn’t do something you wanted because of fear?

As I keep getting older and the more I’ve talked to people it seems we tend to regret many things in our life that we avoided doing because of fear.  From going to a place, talking to someone, learning something new. It’s true that fear can keep us from harm at times, but most of the time now a days it only keeps us from becoming who we want.

After a few years wanting to skydive I finally got the courage to do it, but for couple reasons. First one; just to have that experience. Second: to prove to myself that I can do it, and lastly because there’s something in my chest that feels empty and I wanted to try and fill it with anything. I went in just expecting some adrenaline, but came up with one of a kind life experience. If you have felt the anxiety before a test, speaking, or performing for group of people. You might also be able to recognize that anxiety usually fades off and disappears when you’re doing your thing. Which means there was nothing to worry about on the first place. Our own brain and memories infuse this fear to try to keep us from experiencing some mild moment of embarrassment we might have felt at some point in our life. Isn’t making mistakes proof that you’re trying? so, if there are mistakes… what of it? they are nothing but experiences you got to learn from and grew from. Fear is not real is what I came into the conclusion after today. One needs to just do what we must without worrying about the what Ifs, because most of those what if will never see the light of day and we ruin the experiences worrying about something that will never happen.  Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the moment?

After jumping I realized all that anxiety and fear were there for nothing, as well as having the enlightened experience that we shouldn’t focus so much on getting or staying in a specific place, the world is so big and we should go out there and get to know what it has to offer, don’t be afraid. It’s always better to say “I did that”, than ‘I wish I had done it’.

Blessings 🙂

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