Sometimes when I am trying to get into a creative mode and I keep on being interrupted or mostly when I am creating something and someone gives me that look followed by a head shake or a comment on how I’ve always had, and still keep wasting my time. It’s sometime about a moment like that that gets me offended, sometimes disappointed, but always a reaction that pushes me further as a creative.

Personally I don’t think I could ever change despite my anger and sadness overflowing when those closest to me don’t value or understand me. Creating is a way to show hope and Creatives are the ambassadors of hope. Creatives are the ones who emerge from the chaos, facing the world with open eyes and heart. We as creatives can find beauty where no one seems to find it or care…

As a creative I often challenge my believes, assumptions and often argue with my mind being stubborn and trying to keep me on a rational perspective. Our creations show our identity even without our name or face on them.

On the writer’s perspective Pema Chodron wrote on the book “When things Fall Apart”

When we regard thoughts and emotions with humor and openness, that’s how we perceive the universe… We begin to find that, to the degree that there is bravery in ourselves… and to the degree that there is kindness toward ourselves, there is confidence that we can actually forget ourselves and open to the world.

I always wondered why I used to write only when I was sad, but when I felt better I couldn’t seem to pull something together. I always wonder why when happiness is mine, I struggle the most to come up with a New poem or design.

I believe Jack Heffron’s oppinion on writing being courageous also applies to most creatives. He mentioned that when we write we resist the seduction to lead an unexamined life, to surrender to materialism or cynicism. We insist on finding out and declaring the truths we find on a page.

I’ve done that hundreds of time in poetry, when I take someone’s portrait, or I am creating some specific design, not only is what I do a way to meet a specific guideline, or message but part of my believe and who I am stay on those words, on that design and that image.Hope

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