Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

When I wake up every morning and got no fucking clue
what I’m doing here, why I’m alive, or what I’m supposed to do
The hardest part is lying to you all saying I’ll make it through
When deep down inside, I just want to die, so tired of being confused

The words alone won’t make sense unless I explain
That I see this world as a fucked up game, and the goal is taking pain

I’m sick and tired of playing pretend and always living lies
I’m tired and bored but not strong enough to take away my own life
I’m bored and lonely so I lie to myself every single day
I’m lonely and angry but deep inside hope for a better way
I’m angry and scared so I’ll hate the world, its all I know to do
I’m scared and confused but i swear to God I want a love with you

Jahaziel’s Verses

You say you miss me, while holding his hand
you say you love me, but you’re making love to him on the sand
you say you want me, when things with him are not going as planned
even a blind, deft, dumb person can know this love is bland.

If you can’t stand him, why are you now by his side
if you don’t like him, is this a matter of pride?
if you don’t like his touch and kisses, why are you becoming his bride?
why do I need to come along for this ride, where all you seem to do is lie and cry?
I loved life, looked to a bright future but now I seek to die,
if I had know… in my heart you would have never reside.


JEM The Crow

Words of wisdom I always gave you, but you never listened to me
she’s not that evil, life is what you make it to be.
Life is exactly what I told you, things happened exactly how life I see
at one point in life the answers came from heaven to set you free
but so naive you became, you started to doubt and in fear flee.
Come one more time and feed with us in the knowledge tree
stop looking for it… just make your own happiness key
there’s no need to swim, when you have the power to part the sea.
It’s your life… How do you want it to be?


Happy Jack - Confused

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