Here’s a preview, a small ration,
of what flows in me, besides great passion.
Love for people,
who think they’re old fashion.

I’ve defied death, survived my own Apocalypse.
I had seen in my dreams those sexy hips,
I have seen your Mayor trips.
My queen, my reason to keep on living,
is to taste daily your amazing lips.

When you’re gone, I miss talking to you,
Some people look at me with anger, you with love,
your eyes never lie, your words are always true.
You smell delicious, you’re the heaven’s preview.
Every time I spent talking to you
is a moment more in-love I grew
and I wish… you’re the home I come to.

© 2020 Jahaziel E Magana

Coming home is a poem I had started writing a few weeks ago. It is inspired by those moments when you’re thinking about someone who you consider special in your life, someone who can see and understand who and what you are. Like there are no secrets, there can’t be, because they see you fully.
If everything is about perception in this world, we can choose to see the world the way we want it to be, we can choose to believe in love. We can have hope on a better future. We can choose and create our own destiny. We can make our own dreams come true. When we find, or build that place we call home, what will you be coming home to? Can you see it?

Thank you for taking a moment to read my writing, I truly appreciate it. If you enjoy my writing style, you can always indulge yourself and purchase one of my eBooks, and support me in the process :).
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