Talking to Monica Andeola, owner of the photography studio TexMex Photos in Stockton, she invited me to a Comerciantes Unidos meeting and eventually to cover their annual Crab feed. It is always really good to meet someone with so much experience in life and business. Seeing her involvement in the community is being very insightful and inspiring.

The people behind Comerciantes Unidos is also the true value or the core of the organization. The people who participate in Comerciantes Unidos make you feel welcome when you come to their meeting. I learned on that first meeting about their annual crab feed. Better know as the ‘Cena de Jaiva’.

Attending the Event

Getting to attend this years event was truly a great experience. Having to meet new people, exploring the venue as well as getting to hear some good people sing including Monica, who to my surprise sings really good. Some of the singers and performers for Comerciantes Unidos were able to show great talent. This event being the first crab feed I attend definitely taught me the value and how fun they can be. Surely next opportunity I have to attend or cover an event like this will not only be better, but I can definitely have a better idea on what to expect.

I truly hope as I continue my journey I get to cover more events like this one for Comerciantes Unidos, that in the process of always trying to become better with my camera and polish some of my not so used skills I get to also continue to meet great people and develop new friendships. You can see the pictures I took on the event on the entirety by visiting my Facebook page

Commercial events, music concerts and festivals like Stockton’s Art Splash are a great space to have good vibes in my surroundings and better my craft as a photographer as well as the social aspect of it and making new friends.

If you would like to learn more about being part of Comerciantes Unidos or their events you can visit their website.

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