About decade ago
A beautiful girl I met
but At that time
I had the wrong mind set.
Years later I saw her again
But her love I didn’t think I could get
She hugged me and smiled
And a happier feeling, I haven’t felt yet.
To be closer to you
I would trade places with your pet.
There is no one better than you,
And to that, I could bet.
You are the best… Colette

Copyright ©2015 Jahaziel E Magana

This poem is one of the poems I wrote while working on my poetry book "Stuck in Life" but decided to leave out of the book. I’ve found that when I have a person’s name as a title, people tend to get the wrong concept as why one would write such a piece.

I have always found the name Colette and the women I’ve met with that name quite interesting and beautiful, one day the name popped in my mind and this was the result…

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