Watsonville TaeKwonDo

I think its very obvious when you see someone doing what they love, their body could ache, but you see still a smile on their face. Their spirit stays strong, even when strength might be low. The Watsonville TaeKwonDo Academy has shown me that amazing feeling of not giving up; Perseverance, respect, the discipline needed […]

Meeting Jennifer and Her Studio Perfect Union

As I continue to work on Perfect Union’s website www.perfectunion.co and help Jennifer create the best image possible for her business, I had a moment to just sit and talk to her about her studio, what she offers, why, and who she’s trying to reach. I found her responses very strong and personal. It is […]

Video sometimes expresses things better

It’s true one image can express 1,000 words, but one video can express 1,000 images šŸ˜€ The music, the people engagement to them, the true spirit of the family being together, it always makes you smile when you see them over and over again on those family videos.