What is brand and why should you care

Have you ever stopped to think about why you go to a specific restaurant? Whether is something fast and easy as Burger King Vs McDonalds , or Jack in the Box. When I have to meet someone on a personal or business side over coffee, I always say Starbucks. I wouldn’t argue with someone that […]

Sharing what you know…

I’ve been a photography mentor for couple months now, and I must admit that it does feel good to share what you know and try to inspire someone into creating an art vision with the wonderful tool known as ‘Camera’. There is something about photography, much like writing and music that calls many people. Photography […]

Making our own photo of a beautiful or memorable place is part of photography

I had some free time to read what some of my colleagues have been doing or what work or words they have to inspire the rest of us. On one of the latest post of Matt Kloskowski(http://www.mattk.com), an amazing photographer from Florida who on this blog post I enjoyed talks about how many of us […]