30 Años

Treinta años llevamos juntos Treinta años que a tu lado soy felíz, una vida a tu lado miré en le momento que tus besos probé. Eres mi diosa,m en todo momento te llevo en mi …

Miah & Ian Baptism

  Finally the big day arrived for Miah and Ian, on a beautiful day in San Jose, I managed to cover both the church and party. Delicious food, awesome company, and beautiful memories come together …

Ken Ueda
Visuals always inspire Music

I’ve had the chance to work with Ken in some of the writing  challenges  of two verses or random subjects a few times now. It is always fun to have someone you can understand at a …

Transcending Love

I should really thank our friends for adding you into our crew. I wish the exact moment I felt in love, I knew… but I don’t have a clue. Could it be the moment I …

Brother and sister
Shoot for Baptism invitation

A preview for my last photo shoot I was able to do, Ian and Miah were super cute. I’m glad I was able to create not only the pics for the invitation but also the …

Walk to the future
Engagement Shoot on Seascape

I was able to do my first engagement shoot at Seascape resort with such an amazing couple as are Trevor and Salvador.

Happy 40th Bday
Camacho Bday Party

I got the opportunity to spend valentine’s day covering a bday party. I gotta say all the Camacho family are amazing and truly know how to party and have an awesome time.

Stuck in Life Cover
Poetry Book Cover

With the launch of my poetry book I keep having some ideas and urges to keep writing. 😀 I also have found the music of Maddy Ellwanger which has opened my mind to a whole …

Bride and Groom portrait
5 years

Felipe and Elizabeth’s wedding was another special day I get to share and see first hand  how love unites two people. Having the opportunity to have met them for a while now, having the opportunity to …

Bride and Groom Shoes
Fairy Tale

Over the weekend I got the opportunity and privilege to cover the wedding for Yvonne and Chris who have yet again showed me that finding the right person to spend your life with is possible …