Lover’s Point Engagement

I just had my First time at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove, CA. on a photo session last night. I’m not sure if its because of the drive that I haven’t gone that far for a shoot, but the park looks very pretty. Sergio and Maria wanted to come back for their engagement session to […]

Pregnancy is beautiful…

I had forgotten how beautiful was seeing my kid’s still in her mamma’s belly. Feeling them move around in there, and that excitement of turning into a father… Thinking back to both times I truly wish I had done more to remember those moments. I am glad Janette and Jorge are doing so. Pregnancy as […]

One fun Gallery

For a while now I have been working on the website for the nutrition and fitness studio Perfect Union which offers support building new healthy habits while participating on group or personal training classes. When Jennifer first spoke to me about her idea and what she wanted to do with the business I was more […]

More Studio Work

It’s been couple years now since I first saw the first studio work, its flow and the results by this one amazing, well knows photographer: Zack Arias. I believe it was somewhere in YouTube I manage to land a video of him and after a quick Google search I landed on a short clip of […]

Re-doing a Classic

When I first started studio portraiture my oldest son decided to pop on the set and poke around, it turned into a father-son mini session. Considering I didn’t have an assistance but had to rely on a tripod and the 10 second self-timer. Slightly different equipment as then, and with a little help I think […]

Miriam & Family

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go back to Gizdich Ranch where I did a shoot couple weeks ago. Miriam had the idea to go in with her mother and sister to have a family session. Which I must say it turned out pretty fun. Catching the sunset on a photoshoot might be […]

Remembering old Friends

[slideshow_deploy id=’451′]I would say the best thing about visiting your hometown or a place where you used to live, is getting the opportunity to see your friends. Catching up with current events on your friends lives and remembering the good old times always brings laughter and joy. As they shared a moment of their time […]