Friends Pose
Baby Shower Coverage

It’s been a while since I had a baby shower coverage, even longer since the decorations, the food and even the cake/treats were home made. I got to know the family a little more. I …

Bizarre Bazaar
Art Splash -Stockton’s Collide Festival Celebration

Last year when I moved to Stockton I had the opportunity to learn about the Art Splash and city’s art culture. I got involved with some of the art groups in the city, and I …

Orange Car
Car Show (CCPR5)

I got to cover the 5th annual (Chicano Reunion) Car show hosted by the Voice of Stockton station at the Weber Point Events Center. This show was a full day event where other than cool …

Inside the Filmmaker Studio
Movie Premiere Coverage

Last night, I got the opportunity to cover a red carpet for Joey Travolta’s new movie premiere  Inside The Filmmaker’s Studio. Stockton got together at the Bob Hope Theater to share the experience with Joey’s …

Miah & Ian Baptism

  Finally the big day arrived for Miah and Ian, on a beautiful day in San Jose, I managed to cover both the church and party. Delicious food, awesome company, and beautiful memories come together …

Happy 40th Bday
Camacho Bday Party

I got the opportunity to spend valentine’s day covering a bday party. I gotta say all the Camacho family are amazing and truly know how to party and have an awesome time.

RAW Artist Flyer
Back to an Art Show

It’s been a while since I felt like an artist, or I tried to be one :D, recently I’ve been just looking for new opportunities where I can show my work and just meet new …

Bride And Bridesmaids
The Wedding Day

After taking Rocio & Eriberto’s engagement, I covered their big day. The wedding was truly awesome and I believe a wedding should be. Full of happiness, excitement and a great time among friends. Seeing this …

Flower bouquet
When you see true Love

It’s amazing when you see people who truly love each other. It’s just so noticeable and inspiring, when I see people like this amazing couple makes me dream of love like there is no tomorrow… …

Money Dance
Video sometimes expresses things better

It’s true one image can express 1,000 words, but one video can express 1,000 images 😀 The music, the people engagement to them, the true spirit of the family being together, it always makes you …