When is the time to embrace failure…?

How often or how long is it long enough for you to try and fail? Or long enough to try and succeed? There have been many times I’ve found myself realizing I’ve taken the wrong choice or the wrong path for my life, and again I have to live with the consequences, but every time we can’t […]

DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Going back to what has been in my life. There have always been 3 different personalities or 3 characters that I’m  aware have helped me overcome some of the life challenges, as well as being the cause of my downfall of some of my relationships and at some point priceless friendships to end. I have never […]

Can toys help you express yourself?

It’s been some time now that I have been trying to post some pictures in Instagram using only Legos. I started with the lego figures I would randomly find that my kids lost somewhere or had misplaced, then eventually I got fond of some figures and decided to get some of my own. 😀 Since I’ve […]