Mowzilicia’s art show

I’ve had the opportunity to not only help build mowzilicia’s website, but I’ve also had the opportunity to support her with her two art shows going on in Stockton. I followed her while she was finishing some of her pieces to her posting them on the San Joaquin County building downtown Stockton. To see her […]

House Cleaning – Price Increase Letter Template

I just recently had to create a template for a friend. Figured maybe someone would like to take advantage of it as well. All needed now is to replace the brackets with your info… (download the template for Microsoft Word) [Your Name] [Street Address] [City, ST ZIP Code] August 1, 2014 [Recipient Name] [Title] [Company […]

What is brand and why should you care

Have you ever stopped to think about why you go to a specific restaurant? Whether is something fast and easy as Burger King Vs McDonalds , or Jack in the Box. When I have to meet someone on a personal or business side over coffee, I always say Starbucks. I wouldn’t argue with someone that […]

One fun Gallery

For a while now I have been working on the website for the nutrition and fitness studio Perfect Union which offers support building new healthy habits while participating on group or personal training classes. When Jennifer first spoke to me about her idea and what she wanted to do with the business I was more […]