After learning and becoming part of the media team for Stockton Fashion Week. I was able to attend one of their casting and practice. Although, they had already had a few casting and practice days prior to me showing up. There were still new people showing up to try and be part of this new project. Which represent one of the great things Stockton has going for the town, the art community.

Since I started engaging the art community, I’ve come to learn quite a few names and meet new faces. As I get to meet new faces, I also learn about new projects, new locations, and what is going on around Stockton. With this new venture of helping develop the modeling portfolio for some of the people joining the Stockton Fashion Week. I found it quite interesting to see the process of how a project is born and how it grows and materialize.

The experience process

My previous experiences with fashion and modeling had always been seeing the final work done. Never the preparations or all the work that goes behind the scenes. This experience really reminded me how to make anything happen in life you really have to put in the energy and effort to make it succeed. There is no halfway in, at least not if you want to know success. It is my understanding about life that you must be certain you want to achieve something. You have to believe you will achieve it, before it happens. Seeing so many people so excited and full of hope of what this project could be and the potential it had was inspiring.

I knew the location was going to be indoors. As a result, I took my Photoflex lights with me to the shoot. From the options of where I could shoot there was a solid gray wall. Thus, I opted to use that for the portrait of the models. Considering my style in photographer has been a more solid cleaner background. That gray wall was the easiest spot to work with. The entire set having a schedule to do both the picture taking and the walk practice in only couple hours. There wasn’t really that many of the models I got to take pictures of. However, I did manage to take some pictures I like. These pictures I think do show my style of photography. Since I didn’t have to edit the pictures, they were given to the SFW models the very next day. The ones I kept, and I’m showing here. Are my favorite 12 which I also used on my Instagram page.

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