I got to cover the 5th annual (Chicano Reunion) Car show hosted by the Voice of Stockton station at the Weber Point Events Center. This show was a full day event where other than cool cars, I got to enjoy some live music and a folkloric dance as well as an Aztec Dance. Some live painting was also done by the amazing artist Mowzilicia who ended up putting her piece on a silent auction to help support the work the voice of stockton is doing. It was a really fun event and day, with the exception that they ran out of food for the people attending, what a bummer. Hopefully on future years there are more food vendors, or perhaps previous years they had an abundance of food and not enough atendees, either way. I hope I get to see other shows like this. And even better this will give me an opportunity to be in one of the shows maybe. Only time will tell anyway.

As I try to stay current on what I do, and where I go in my journey. Let me leave with couple images from the show. If you like my work you can visit my facebook page for more pictures from the show.

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