There are only a handful of bands and artists who I have feel connected to what they have to say or what they do, Caine Dadeb is now one of them.

From one of the very first bands I discovered, became a fan of them and even got to work with them; The Trims. To my most recent musical experience and discovery; Caine Daded. The electric sounds, the lyrics, the passion, the energy invested into the craft and the music itself is felt and heard in Caine Daded’s The Beaner-Jap EP.

It is really nice to be able to hold a smart conversation with someone. Learning you have many things in common, one of them being music. Caine Dadeb had a conversation on camera with me a few months ago. We started talking about life. Some of his beliefs and even shared a story about his trip to see Yellow Wolf and his random act of kindness.

The Beaner-Jap EP

Because we have had created some pictures for his music career before. We also worked together on working the cover for his new project’s art cover. After the conversation with him. I started working on the cover. The design I came up with is simple, and clean. It seemed to fit well with his punk style of rock. Although my first thought was to include a portrait of him on the cover. Thanks to his input and creativity of including a Mexican flag he once did in origami. We ended up with the combination of showing both his Mexican and Japanese background.

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