Jahaziel’s Verse

In life I’ve thought there are two views of life
like there are two sides to every token,
You will meet love that last forever
and Love that will leave you broken.

Which one was she? I wasn’t able to tell,
I saw paradise with her kisses
when they stopped, I saw hell.
I prayed and cried with my every cell
that this one time, I can do the perfect Spell.

I once thought I could sell my soul for fame,
I once thought love was all the same.
I once thought life is all but a game
then I met her, and put my thoughts to shame.
She, my goddess, beauty is the meaning of her name.

Ken’s Verse (Ken’s Twitter)

I think I must’ve been sitting through 
a hollow pool,
a mistaken Fortune,
an average fool.
I think I once thought I knew
of what to do
the desire of many
but a relation to few.
I think I am fixable with glue
a simple tool,
a broken glass vessel
without purpose or clue.

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