To have no child left behind
you have to push them through or hold everyone back,
to control the internet
Apple, Sony, Target and all companies need to experience a hack.
To control the constitution
our terrorist leaders need to plot another attack
if we do not have fear
our liberties will never give them back.

The more you say perfect
the more I notice the system’s crack
Things can’t stay as they are
we have to read politics
not just of our favorite movie or TV star
we have to talk of injustice and demand change
in our city and those that are far.
If we live in a democracy
why do we need a Czar?

Copyright ©2015 Jahaziel E Magana

I wrote a short poem once inspired by The Young Turks 'Wolf Pac' This poem I wrote also because of the inspiration they gave me. I find them quite passionate on what they are doing, they can be very informative and funny. As I continue to enjoy their show and work, let’s hope I not only became passionate about politics as they are but manage to write something that can truly show their awesomeness.

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