[slideshow_deploy id=’238′]Sunday Morning I went to see one of my friends Basketball skills, I had seen some pictures of him playing basketball and was curious to see what I could do to show off his skills. After talking to him briefly and checking his skills on a friendly match at the court. I asked him if he could do some shoots and moves for me. After he agreed, I went all out and brought some of my equipment in. I knew the light could help me make the image stand out a bit more, but my canon gear would fall short.

I went with the Photoflex TritonFlash, and their medium softbox which makes a combination mighty amazing. I am still in love with the Photoflex equipment. Being a Portrait photographer I was inclined to stay with a longer lens, as I had been taking pictures of the game with my telephoto 100-400m, but I am glad I opted to change that when the lights were all set up.

I am pretty amazed of the result, I know I will have to come up with something to top those images up soon. Here’s my One-on-One Basketball session.

Slam Dunk

Steven’s Slam Dunk

Slam dunk air

On the air for slam dun


Shooting a 3-pointer

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