It’s been a while since I felt like an artist, or I tried to be one :D,
recently I’ve been just looking for new opportunities where I can show my work and just meet new people. I found out Raw Artists were doing a show next month and I thought that would be a great opportunity to achieve just that.

Turns out I was accepted and I get to be part of their show on May 21, @ 8:00pm. On a time where I’ve been trying to achieve something new. This opportunity to meet artists and be part of their show feel pretty good. It sure feels a little odd but I’m enjoying having my thoughts occupied on what new image or what prints I could take or what best describes my artistic style. While I restlessly push my thoughts into clarity so I can come up with something amazing, I get to show the flier I was given for the event and invite people to attend the show, OH!!! and buy tickets using my link šŸ˜€Raw Artist – Jahaziel Photography RAW Artist Flyer

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