I had the opportunity to collaborate with Arthur Murray’s Dance Center Stockton to try and create some nice images that they can use for promotion and as an example of what they do in the studio/Center. Although, I had some previous experience photographing a dance studio and dance school before, their studio and style is different and I wanted to show the great vibes and energy in the studio. I’ve witnessed dance as an art and how strict and demanding it can get. What I saw at Arthur Murray’s is quite the opposite, super relaxed and fun atmosphere. Lots of smiles and positivity, like coming to a family reunion after being absent for quite some time.

As I try to take my photography into a different market, seeing this type of environment and working with such passionate and dedicated people who keep the studio vibrant with positive reinforcement and truthful smiles is such a confidence boost, and makes me believe that the path I want to create and walk on is there. I just need to keep walking to it. It is important to be part of the creative process that starts with something as fun and joyful as is dancing. Getting to experience seeing such a fun group of individuals has yet again motivated me to keep the joy going for the things that I enjoy and love. Photography as it keep on evolving and giving me new challenges I only hope that I can rise and overcome any challenge presented in my path so that each time the shutter is activated the image that I create is better than the ones I’ve done before.

These are some of my favorite images from the session, for more you can check out my facebook page .

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