It’s not everyday the opportunity to update the look on an already established successful business. Seems for the most part I’ve had to start the branding from scratch. Having the opportunity to work on the website for Alianza Counseling these past few months have shown me the results of my work style as well as the coding process works.

I am a firm believer that experiences overrule pricing and everything else. It’s about having a good experience, being understood and overall treated with respect. When I got to meet Marcos for the first time he had such a wonderful personality. It is truly a delight to speak with him and be around him. Then when I finally got to step into his office… The place is so peaceful and relaxing, you can’t avoid but to feel at ease and very comfortable. That also seems to be the opinion of the clients and most people I’ve heard express opinions on Alianza Counseling. Great place downtown Stockton, and even better, the view from the office is just as good/pleasant as the office itself. The office is actually just couple of blocks away from the weber point event center where I’ve covered the Collide Festival.

Results that speak for themselves

When I began the process of starting the planing for the new designing on the website, I was able to get some prior statistics on the website. I kept in mind what kind of visitors and how many there were on a monthly bases. From those early stages to now the completion and final process, it truly feels great to be able to compare the numbers from then to what we have now. The Alianza Counseling website has grown up to last month close to 400% already. It is definitely something to look forward to in the future as I keep tracking the growth from my clients website as well as my own.

For anyone who needs to speak with someone who will listen and respect you, going to Alianza counseling is top of the list. You will definitely learn a lot about yourself and how to overcome the obstacles holding you back. Stop by their office on 42 N Sutter St #503, Stockton, CA 95202 or visit the website

For more of my design work, make sure you visit my section Design, or my Graphic Design Portfolio

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