In the terms of being addicted to someone, even when you know they might be hurting you, and yet you still deny any claim or any advice anyone is willing to give you out of love and concern for your well being.

Jahaziel Verses…

Your words have always been so hurtful, I cried in pain daily
my defenses kept invaders out, but the fight emerged in the bailey.
A king with a fallen kingdom, soul broken. Don’t know what to do.
has it all really been my fault, or should I put the blame on you?

A whore queen you are, and no one will fight for me
your body was the strongest weapon anyone put against me.
my addictions grew, so sneaky no one was able to see
you slapped me, and I didn’t fight back, you hit me and I didn’t react to it as an attack.
You covered my kingdom in red and black, with a kiss you blocked my panic attack, and now I have nothing to fight this wolf pack, that comes through my world, looking for an easy snack.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

From the moment I saw you, I got caught like a moth to the brightest light
Go ahead and call me crazy or plain insane but i desperately need you by my side
You’re my crutch and I’m your cripple, I’m a newborn baby and you’re mama’s nipple
For me to live a life at all, i need you girl. It’s crazy but its that simple

Every waking moment I spend having nothing at all, but my thoughts of you
My flesh has no ink but my mind is different, it must be covered in tattoos
Cause you’re smile is perfect, you’re laugh is perfect, everything about you, i need…
You’re the angel that carried me away from pain, in every single one of my dreams

They say love and addiction are just a single thread apart
but who really gives a shit, just know girl that you now control my heart
I’m in too deep, too addicted, to a point of no return
that when i’m with you, i wont feel no pain, even if in flames we burn


JEM the Crow

I hate your insecurities, but they make me strong
I hate that you postponed our dreams for them this long
but I love to see you cry when you see you’re so wrong
I’m addicted to the taste of your tears like you are to that song.

If I could have had my way controlling your path we would be kings
we would have become celestial beings and earn our wings
I’ve seen the signs since you created me, but you ignore them don’t know why.
If you don’t want life like this be, look me in the eye, and tell them good bye,
your old life needs to die, for us to claim our spot in the sky.




Addicting Love

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