JahazielMy name is Jahaziel E Magana and I'm a Photographer and Web Designer. I have been fascinated with web design since I first learned about it, but have been practicing since 2006. Although I started with web design as a way to show my poetry to friends and family, it soon turn into a front to show not only my poetry but my first poetry book; Painful Tears. As I became more skilled in the coding languages I began helping some small business get their website up. Some of the coding languages I use on my designs are: HTML (including HTML 5), XHTML, CSS (2.1 and 3), PHP 4 & 5.

Soon after I left my job to concentrate in school and my son in 2009, I got my first 'decent' camera and was able to explore my surroundings with more detail, after getting enough photography skills I started including my own photography into my designs. In 2011 I started to offer services in photography to my clients and anyone who likes my photography style with the launch of Jahaziel Photography. Doing the photography job needed for the design/project as well, I was able to keep the cost a little lower and still deliver the same vision for the web site/design I was creating.

I take life seriously most of the time, but I enjoy it as much as possible since we never know for how long we have it. It's always better to try our best to have fun whenever possible. Part of being a creative person has also given me a great joy to make/edit videos and create adds or propaganda for myself, others, or just for fun. This has given me the skills and confidence to create certain type of videos myself if the site or my client's need it.

Here is the very first video I created on my free time. 'Hate (I really don't like you) by the Plain White T's.

Jahaziel Magana